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    On an anniversary, on a birthday, or without a reason, just to cause someone's sincere smile. 


    Mom or sister - absolutely everyone will appreciate such a sweet and gentle sign of attention.


    Any child dreams of such a gift, the bear can withstand falls and hugs.  

💖Roses have long symbolized love,

romance, passion, and friendship. They are the perfect way to say “I love you,” “Happy anniversary,” “I’m sorry,” or simply, “Thinking of you.”

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💖Nothing can be more delightful or charming

than receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses, popping with bright colors.

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💖Made by hand from more than 300 rose

very pleasant to touch, and created basing on "Teddy Bear" toy which is popular for more than 20 year

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💖What are The Pink Bear made of?

Each Pink Bear is handmade of a soft foam felt like material that resembles the petals of roses.  The inner core of the bear is made of styrofoam.

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Bear Maintenance

All you need to do is to remove the dust from the petals from time to time. Due to the special material, dust is easily removed from the surface. The only recommendation is not to expose it to direct sunlight for any length time to preserve its original colour.

Long lifetime

Such a bear will not lose its attractive appearance for a very long time - it will make its owner happy on average from five to seven years. The flowers do not lose their attractive appearance, nor original colours.  


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What makes our bear special

We use a special kind of 3D decorative rose. These roses are visually almost impossible to distinguish from natural ones; creating the impression of fresh flowers. 

Other ways to use our bear

Our bear made of roses is not only a perfect gift for any celebration, it is also a new word in interior design. Use them to decorate your wedding or other formal celebration – our bears will harmoniously suit any design and theme, emphasise the exquisite taste of the organisers, create a special atmosphere and capture the significance of the day.  If you are a professional wedding decorator, please note that our bears do not lose their appearance for a very long time, so you can use them more than once. A couple of bears, in different colours and sizes, will serve you a long time

When to choose a bear?

A bear made of roses can be an addition to any other basic gift or gifted instead of a flower bouquet. Of course, it is also an excellent and head-turning gift in itself. It will remind its owner for years to come that you chose it with imagination and sincere feelings.

There is no doubt that the bear will enchant a small child, young girl, or grown woman – there are no exceptions. Thanks to the product properties, you can present this gift to a child - the material is safe, the fixing is strong, the bear is ready to be loved in any way and it will not disappoint its little mistress!